A Freer, Safer, More Prosperous Nampa

Core Philosophy

What drives my thinking

A Freer, Safer, and More Prosperous Nampa

  • Nampa is a people more than a place, and every person possesses inalienable rights and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, from womb to tomb.

  • Our rights are pre-political; they existed prior to government. Government doesn't confer rights, but government exists to protect such inalienable rights.

  • Because we possess unique gifts, talents, and passions, the happiness of the person and the overall flourishing of the society is best served when our voluntary pursuits are unhindered by government. Government is supposed to stay out of the way, only stepping in one person's pursuits interfere with the welfare of others. People are happier when government doesn't exceed its role in the lives of the citizens.

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