For a Strong, Safe, and Prosperous Nampa

Major Issues

Economic Development

It’s the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of the people matched with our resources that create wealth and prosperity. I will work to reform regulations that hinder economic development. While we’re blessed by our large producers in the city, we must also encourage small business startups, see startups move to viability, and see viable businesses grow. Nampa has a proud heritage of building and serving that will continue in even more exciting ways as the economy evolves. Our technical institutes, institutions of learning, and other programs are training the future workforce. Nampa has a lot to offer and is primed for continued economic growth and increased wages.


Recent job growth and future job growth for Nampa has and will exceed the national average. We are growing. As such, we must maintain diversification in future land use and make sure that new growth is balanced to meet all of our needs. We need to think about the long-term benefits and liabilities of how we grow as it pertains to maintenance of our infrastructure. We only get to grow once, so we must be smart to assure a sustainable and resilient Nampa for the next generations.

Public Safety

Nampa’s police and fire departments have provided excellent service to the community, often in challenging circumstances. Crime is down and criminals know Nampa is not a place to mess around. As Nampa grows, we must maintain a proportional scale with police and fire to make sure that response times remain prompt and that sufficient resources are allocated to keep crime low and the public safe. Public safety is a primary role for local government, and the cost of not investing wisely far exceeds the cost of prudent stewardship to assure our citizens are protected from harm.

Quality of Life

With golfing, parks, ponds, the green belt, biking, and more, Nampa is truly a gem when it comes to recreation and quality of life. As Nampa grows, we must be careful to preserve our unique features that make Nampa a beautiful place to live. We are an active community. We must also make sure future parks and recreational activities meet the demands of the city. Our sports leagues will continue to grow and need space to use for practice and games. If Nampa is to remain an active and healthy community, we must value and protect all the assets that foster a healthy, recreational lifestyle.

Why I'm Running for Nampa City Council

I'm running for city council because I love Nampa. And what I mean by Nampa is the people, the families, the institutions, the civic clubs, the sports leagues, individuals living out their respective vocations, all loving their neighbor in unique ways through the exchange of various goods and services that cultivate greater and greater flourishing. I love the neighborly acts of charity that manifest compassion and benevolence to those in need. I love the maturity seen in a virtuous people who are able to govern themselves and arbitrate conflicts with prudence. I believe that Nampa will thrive as people are allowed to reach their highest potential in their voluntary pursuits. I'm running for city council to assure that essential services, public safety, and infrastructure are prioritized in order to provide the ecosystem that allows our community to flourish. I want to see my 5 children and future grandchildren call Nampa home -- and I'm running for city council because I want to see all of our children and grandchildren call Nampa home.

  • Nampa is a people more than a place, and every person possesses inalienable rights and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, from womb to tomb. Our rights are pre-political; they existed prior to government. Government doesn't confer rights, but government exists to protect such inalienable rights. I will oppose measures that intrude into the natural rights of the people.

  • Our liberties aren't absolute. We don't possess the right to harm, injure, steal, slander, deprive others of their natural rights. Ordered liberty is only possible with justice, and justice requires the rule of law. The rule of law requires deputized servants who serve all citizens, rich and poor, punishing those who do evil. In order to assure a just community and ordered liberty, I will support the maintenance and necessary growth of public safety as a fundamental and necessary role of local government.

  • Because we possess unique gifts, talents, and passions, the happiness of the person and the overall flourishing of the society is best served when our voluntary pursuits are unhindered by government. Government is supposed to stay out of the way, only stepping in one person's pursuits interfere with the welfare of others. People are happier when government doesn't exceed its role in the lives of the citizens. Flourishing is maximized when voluntarism and economic and vocational freedom are maximized. I will oppose the intrusion of government into the spheres of our shared civic life that function best without government interference.

Why I Think I'll Be A Good Fit

Faith and Family

When people are defined primarily by their politics or political pursuits, it can become an idol. The irony is that elevating politics actually makes for bad politics, because politics isn’t supposed to be ultimate. As a Christian, I’m called to love and serve all my neighbors, even those who hold different beliefs. My motivation to serve is motivated by and informed by my faith. I’m also a husband and father. While I hope to be a good councilman, I hope to be an even better husband and father. This all helps provide perspective. People are more than just cogs in the machinery of the city; we’re people of deep conviction who care deeply about our families and friendships. Our politics are actually healthier when they’re subservient to the more important things in our lives. I’m committed to a type of politics that serves the people because people ultimately matter.

Executive Leadership

Non-profits only thrive when the mission is valuable and people are voluntarily supporting it. I have experience as a non-proft executive director in prioritizing financial resources and personnel for maximum impact. This experience will add value to the city council as I seek to be a wise steward with our limited resources through quantitative analysis, while also showing concern about the intangible goods of our great city. As a pastor, I also help oversee our church budget and finances, from planning to implementation. This executive fiscal responsibility has also prepared me for the responsibilities of city council. Between my education and executive experience in management, I hope to serve the city for the benefit of all.

Among the Community

As a pastor, I’m connected to a community of people from diverse backgrounds. I’m involved and invested in the lives of people who represent different vocations and needs. We’ve also been involved with the special needs community through Special Olympics; I’ve volunteered as a girls softball coach for the Nampa Parks and Recreation League and as a baseball coach for the special needs Challenger baseball league; I’ve served on the board for Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center; We support Love INC, the Lighthouse Mission, Mission Aviation Fellowship, JEMfriends, the local food bank, and other local charities; We’ve been members of the Recreation Center; We make good use of the library; We play frequently at our local parks; We shop, eat, worship, and play in our city. And we seek to love our neghbors, our literal neighbors on our block. We’ve taken our neighbors on both sides and across the street to church, have had them over for dinner, and are doing our best to cultivate a sense of community. I will treat everyone with respect and dignity as a councilman, knowing that we’re all in this together.

Educator and Communicator

As a former middle and high school teacher, and current home educator and educational mentor, I know the importance and value of communicating big ideas. As a city councilman, I’d strive to do my best to not only understand the matters I vote for, but to communicate to my constituents why I voted a certain way. I will seek to be informed and do my best to inform the public of the important matters we’re facing as a city. I want the public to be educated, because an educated and informed public will make our community stronger. I hope to host a weekly morning coffee gathering that would be open to everyone. I want to be engaged face to face. Some of the business of the city is frankly complex, but I want to make it as accessible as possible for everyone. Some of the frustration citizens often have over things in the city is often due to misinformation. My experience and passion for teaching and communicating will hopefully serve the city well as I embrace the responsibility of being informed and informing the public about the business of the city.

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