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Recent job growth and future job growth for Nampa has and will exceed the national average. We are growing. As such, we must be smart with how we grow, assuring balance and quality of life. We must maintain diversification in future land use and make sure that new growth pays for itself to assure no per capita tax increases. We need to prioritize growth on our existing infrastructure and grid in order to maximize land use and increase revenue for our growing maintenance costs. If we fail to grow in the right way, taxes will go up for residents. Our path forward requires a stronger economy.

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Quality of Life

With Lake Lowell, golfing, parks, ponds, rivers, the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge, the green belt, biking, and more, Nampa is truly a gem when it comes to recreation and quality of life. As Nampa grows, we must be careful to preserve our unique features that make Nampa a beautiful place to live.

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Public Safety

Nampa’s police and fire departments have provided excellent service to the community. As Nampa grows, we must maintain a proportional scale with police and fire to make sure that response times remain prompt and that sufficient resources are allocated to keep crime low and the public safe.

Wealth Creation/Prosperity

We must encourage business startups, see startups move to viability, and see viable businesses grow. There are vacant buildings and lots in Nampa on our existing grid, a grid being maintained in part from taxpayers. We can decrease the tax burden, fund maintenance and growth, and cultivate an even stronger local economy if we remove unnecessary red tape that discourages investment. I’m convinced we can improve our local economy. We must see our economy grow — or else taxes for maintenance of a grid with vacant lots will fall on residents, increasing the cost of living. And we need diversified growth.

Why I'm Running for Nampa City Council

I'm running for city council because I love Nampa. And what I mean by Nampa is the people, the families, the institutions, the civic clubs, the sports leagues, individuals living out their respective vocations, all loving their neighbor in unique ways through the exchange of various goods and services that cultivate greater and greater flourishing. I love the neighborly acts of charity that manifest compassion and benevolence to those in need. I love the maturity seen in a virtuous people who are able to govern themselves and arbitrate conflicts with prudence. I believe that Nampa will thrive as people are allowed to reach their highest potential in their voluntary pursuits. I'm running for city council to assure that essential services, public safety, and infrastructure are prioritized in order to provide the ecosystem that allows our community to flourish. I want to see my 5 children and future grandchildren call Nampa home -- and I'm running for city council because I want to see all of our children and grandchildren call Nampa home.

  • Nampa is a people more than a place, and every person possesses inalienable rights and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, from womb to tomb. Our rights are pre-political; they existed prior to government. Government doesn't confer rights, but government exists to protect such inalienable rights. I will oppose measures that intrude into the natural rights of the people.

  • Our liberties aren't absolute. We don't possess the right to harm, injure, steal, slander, deprive others of their natural rights. Ordered liberty is only possible with justice, and justice requires the rule of law. The rule of law requires deputized servants who serve all citizens, rich and poor, punishing those who do evil. In order to assure a just community and ordered liberty, I will support the maintenance and necessary growth of public safety as a fundamental and necessary role of local government.

  • Because we possess unique gifts, talents, and passions, the happiness of the person and the overall flourishing of the society is best served when our voluntary pursuits are unhindered by government. Government is supposed to stay out of the way, only stepping in one person's pursuits interfere with the welfare of others. People are happier when government doesn't exceed its role in the lives of the citizens. Flourishing is maximized when voluntarism and economic and vocational freedom are maximized. I will oppose the intrusion of government into the spheres of our shared civic life that function best without government interference.

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