10 Reasons Why We Love the Nampa Public Library

(Reading through a pile of books from the Nampa Public Library.)

What we love about the Nampa Public Library:

  1. Our kids love checking out stacks of books at the library on a regular basis. These are all too expensive to buy individually, so we make good use of our library access. 
  2. My kids also love the summer reading program and earning lots of cool prizes. 
  3. As a homeschooling family, we’re also able to make good use of the library for or children’s education. 
  4. I also love checking out ebooks through the library and reading them through my Kindle. If you’ve never tried checking out ebooks, you really need to check it out. You don’t even need to visit the library; you login with an app and check out books. 
  5. We check out movies that are unavailable on Netflix. It’s the only way to acces some of these movies apart from buying expensive digital copies.
  6. We love attending the events that the library often hosts. 
  7. We’ve enjoyed some of the exhibits they’ve featured, especially a recent one about water. 
  8. I love the Friends of the Library bookstore. I’ve purchased some classic paperbacks for a great deal. 
  9. You can bring your covered drink in and relax and read from a large selection of newspapers and periodicals. 
  10. The deck has a great view of downtown Nampa. And some fresh air. 
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