May 31, 2017



Supporters (listed below by category; please note that roles and affiliations are for identifying purposes only and doesn’t necessarily constitute support of associated institutions):

Associations –

  • Nampa Firefighters, L-804
  • Snake River Valley Building Contractors Association
  • Idaho Press-Tribune editorial Board

Elected Officials –

  • Rep. Brent Crane (Idaho Representative, Assistant Majority Leader, Crane Alarm; Crane Endorses Hogaboam)
  • Sen. Jeff Agenbroad (Idaho Senator, former President of Snake River Stampede)
  • Sen. Todd Lakey (Idaho Senator, former Canyon County Commissioner)
  • Rep. John Vander Woude (Idaho Representative, Majority Caucus Chair, former Nampa Christian Schools board member)
  • Sen. Russ Fulcher (former Idaho Senator and current candidate for U.S. Congress; Fulcher Supports Hogaboam)
  • Rep. Rick Youngblood (Idaho Representative)
  • Rep. Robert Anderst (Idaho Representative; Anderst Endorses Hogaboam)
  • Sen. Lori Den Hartog (Idaho Senator, Nampa Christian High School graduate)
  • Rep. Greg Chaney (Idaho Representative)
  • Councilman Bruce Skaug (Nampa City Councilman, Skaug Law)

Business Community –

  • Don Brandt (Nampa benefactor and owner of Brandt Agency)
  • Cosmo Zimik (Nampa business owner of Empty Hand Combat)
  • Nate Lindskoog (Nampa business owner of The Tower Grill)
  • Nick Duncan (Nampa business part owner/manager of Monsoon Asian Grill)
  • Renus and Ludi Domingo (Nampa business owners of Island Kine Grinds)
  • David H. Fisk (David H. Fisk Insurance Agency)
  • Matt Masiewicz (Nampa business owner of Atlantis Pool and Spa)
  • And others.

Community Leaders –

  • Skip Hall (former Boise State Head Football Coach)
  • Keith Waggoner (Lead Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Nampa, Idaho)
  • Jason Herring (State Director of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Head of Ministry Outreach for Stanton Healthcare)
  • Monty Sears (Community Leader)
  • Jordan Hodges (Community Leader)
  • Daniel Mangeac (Lead Pastor of Good News Community Church)
  • Mile Fonseca (local hip-hop artist: Fenix Reborn, and Program Director at the Boys and Girls Club of Nampa)
  • John Wheatley (Jawbone Entertainment)
  • Duane Heckathorn (Jawbone Entertainment)
  • And others.
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