May 31, 2017

Advisory Board and Endorsements

I value the input of good folks who can provide information and analysis that help shape my own analysis in making decisions. I’m a lifelong learner. If I don’t know something, I like to phone a friend and learn, rather than remain ignorant or, worse, hold a misinformed opinion about a matter of great importance. These following members in the community serve as an advisory board in their specialized fields. I don’t necessarily hold all of their views, nor do they necessarily hold all of my views, but their input is valuable. Also, to be clear, serving on the board doesn’t necessarily constitute a formal endorsement.

Advisory Board:

  • Dr. Drey Campbell, LCSW, Field Coordinator in Social Work @ Northwest Nazarene University. Advises on Social Work and Community Relations.
  • Christian Esh, Ph.D., Chair of History and Political Science @ Northwest Nazarene University. Advises on American History and American Constitution.
  • Mark Gismondi, Ph.D., Senior Fellow in International Politics @ Northwest Nazarene University. Advises on International Relations and Counter-Terrorism.
  • Daniel Mangeac, MBA, Management at IGI Resources, INC as a Transportation and Operations Group Manager. Advises on Business.
  • Jeffery Ventrella, JD, Ph.D., Senior Counsel and Senior Vice-President for Alliance Defending Freedom. Advises on Religious Liberty and American Constitution.
  • Steve Ackerman, Assistant Professor of Economics @ College of Western Idaho. Advises on Economics and Business.
  • Rev. Bill Roscoe, CEO of the Boise Rescue Mission. Advises on Veteran Affairs.

Supporters (listed below by category; please note that roles and affiliations are for identifying purposes only and doesn’t necessarily constitute support of associated institutions):

Associations –

  • Snake River Valley Building Contractors Association 
  • Idaho Chooses Life 

Elected Officials –

  • Rep. Brent Crane (Idaho Representative, Assistant Majority Leader, Crane Alarm; Crane Endorses Hogaboam)
  • Sen. Jeff Agenbroad (Idaho Senator, former President of Snake River Stampede)
  • Sen. Todd Lakey (Idaho Senator, former Canyon County Commissioner)
  • Rep. John Vander Woude (Idaho Representative, Majority Caucus Chair, former Nampa Christian Schools board member)
  • Sen. Russ Fulcher (former Idaho Senator and current candidate for U.S. Congress; Fulcher Supports Hogaboam)
  • Rep. Rick Youngblood (Idaho Representative)
  • Rep. Robert Anderst (Idaho Representative; Anderst Endorses Hogaboam)
  • Sen. Lori Den Hartog (Idaho Senator, Nampa Christian High School graduate)
  • Rep. Greg Chaney (Idaho Representative)
  • Councilman Bruce Skaug (Nampa City Councilman, Skaug Law)

Business Community – 

  • Don Brandt (Nampa benefactor and owner of Brandt Agency)
  • Cosmo Zimik (Nampa business owner of Empty Hand Combat)
  • Nate Lindskoog (Nampa business owner of The Tower Grill)
  • Nick Duncan (Nampa business part owner/manager of Monsoon Asian Grill)
  • Renus and Ludi Domingo (Nampa business owners of Island Kine Grinds)
  • David H. Fisk (David H. Fisk Insurance Agency)
  • Matt Masiewicz (Nampa business owner of Atlantis Pool and Spa)
  • And others.

Community Leaders – 

  • Skip Hall (former Boise State Head Football Coach)
  • Keith Waggoner (Lead Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Nampa, Idaho)
  • Jason Herring (State Director of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Head of Ministry Outreach for Stanton Healthcare)
  • Monty Sears (Community Leader)
  • Jordan Hodges (Community Leader)
  • Daniel Mangeac (Lead Pastor of Good News Community Church)
  • Mile Fonseca (local hip-hop artist: Fenix Reborn, and Program Director at the Boys and Girls Club of Nampa)
  • John Wheatley (Jawbone Entertainment)
  • Duane Heckathorn (Jawbone Entertainment) 
  • And others. 
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