May 31, 2017

Advisory Board and Endorsements

I value the input of good folks who can provide information and analysis that help shape my own analysis in making decisions. I’m a lifelong learner. If I don’t know something, I like to phone a friend and learn, rather than remain ignorant or, worse, hold a misinformed opinion about a matter of great importance. These following members in the community serve as an advisory board in their specialized fields. I don’t necessarily hold all of their views, nor do they necessarily hold all of my views, but their input is valuable. 

Advisory Board:

  • Dr. Drey Campbell, LCSW, Field Coordinator in Social Work @ Northwest Nazarene University. Advises on Social Work and Community Relations.
  • Christian Esh, Ph.D., Chair of History and Political Science @ Northwest Nazarene University. Advises on American History and American Constitution. 
  • Mark Gismondi, Ph.D., Senior Fellow in International Politics @ Northwest Nazarene University. Advises on International Relations and Counter-Terrorism.
  • Daniel Mangeac, MBA, Management at IGI Resources, INC as a Transportation and Operations Group Manager. Advises on Business. 
  • Jeffery Ventrella, JD, Ph.D., Senior Counsel and Senior Vice-President for Alliance Defending Freedom. Advises on Religious Liberty and American Constitution.
  • Steve Ackerman, Assistant Professor of Economics @ College of Western Idaho. Advises on Economics and Business. 
  • Rev. Bill Roscoe, CEO of the Boise Rescue Mission. Advises on Veteran Affairs. 

Notable Supporters:

  • Rep. Brent Crane (Idaho Representative, Crane Alarm; Crane Endorses Hogaboam)
  • Sen. Russ Fulcher (former Idaho Senator and current candidate for U.S. Congress; Fulcher Supports Hogaboam)
  • Rep. Robert Anderst (Idaho Representative; Anderst Endorses Hogaboam)
  • Sen. Lori Den Hartog (Idaho Senator, Nampa Christian High School graduate)
  • Don Brandt (Nampa benefactor and owner of Brandt Agency)
  • Cosmo Zimik (Nampa business owner of Empty Hand Combat)
  • Nate Lindskoog (Nampa business owner of The Tower Grill)
  • Nick Duncan (Nampa business part owner/manager of Monsoon Asian Grill)
  • Keith Waggoner (Lead Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Nampa, Idaho)
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