Don Brandt Endorses Rick Hogaboam for Nampa City Council

The Rick Hogaboam for Nampa City Council campaign has received the endorsement and support of Don Brandt. Hogaboam is humbled by the support of Don Brandt and deeply appreciative of everything the Brandt family has done for Nampa throughout the years:

“You can’t really talk about Nampa without also discussing the Brandt family. I love history, and the Brandt family is etched in Nampa’s history. Don’s contributions to our community are vast and impactful. The donation of the land for the Orah Brandt Park is just the surface. And by the way, this park is going to be amazing. Orah Brandt, Don’s mother, was a remarkable woman. She was a teacher, organized the Young Women’s Christian Association, led the PTA, organized lunches for children, helped start a recreation program, served as president for the Woman’s Century Club, and more. Don’s father, John H., was a tremendous educator, having studied himself at both the College of Idaho and then at Stanford University. In addition to teaching, he served on the school board, the rodeo board, as Chamber of Commerce director, Idaho Endowment Investment Board, Idaho Real Estate Commission, Idaho School Trustees Association, and the Nampa Industrial Corporation. He helped establish Lions Park, which my kids love. And all of this is just the surface; you can go back even another generation. Don Brandt has also lived a life of deep devotion to God, a deep commitment to his business, and a love for the community. There are lots of folks who sit around and complain about the proper role of government but do very little by way of personal contribution. That can’t be said about the Brandt family. Don has led by example in living a life of generosity. His support means so much in light of the Brandt legacy of service and love for our community. This is really humbling.” 

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