Dr. Christian Esh Joins Hogaboam City Council Advisory Board

The Hogaboam campaign has added a member to its advisory board. These members serve to provide input in disciplines of expertise that help broaden understanding of topics/issues that have relevance to the community and campaign. 

Hogaboam: “Because no one knows everything about everything, I value the input of good folks who can provide information and analysis that help shape my own analysis in making decisions. I’m a lifelong learner. If I don’t know something, I like to phone a friend and learn, rather than remain ignorant or, worse, hold a misinformed opinion about a matter of great importance. These following members in the community serve as an advisory board in their specialized fields. I don’t necessarily hold all of their views, nor do they necessarily hold all of my views, but their input is valuable.”

Dr. Christian Esh serves as Chair of History and Political Science at Northwest Nazarene University. Rick Hogaboam adds, “Dr. Christian Esh is a tremendous resource in American History and the Constitution. The Constitution is the foundational document that guides our Republic. Dr. Esh is a gem in our community. I’m thankful for his invaluable knowledge and concern for virtue in public service.” 

Dr. Esh added, “I’m delighted as a citizen of Idaho to lend support to Rick’s candidacy. Rick is both principled and thoughtful in his desire to make a difference for the people of Nampa with good government.”

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