Dr. Drey Campbell Joins Hogaboam City Council Advisory Board

The Hogaboam campaign has added a member to its advisory board. These members serve to provide input in disciplines of expertise that help broaden understanding of topics/issues that have relevance to the community and campaign.

Hogaboam: “Because no one knows everything about everything, I value the input of good folks who can provide information and analysis that help shape my own analysis in making decisions. I’m a lifelong learner. If I don’t know something, I like to phone a friend and learn, rather than remain ignorant or, worse, hold a misinformed opinion about a matter of great importance. These following members in the community serve as an advisory board in their specialized fields. I don’t necessarily hold all of their views, nor do they necessarily hold all of my views, but their input is valuable.”

Dr. Drey Campbell, a licensed clinical social worker, serves as a Field Coordinator in Social Work at Northwest Nazarene University. He also serves at Good News Community Church. Rick Hogaboam, “Dr. Campbell is a friend and helpful resource concerning the challenges our community faces. He serves at a church located in an area of Nampa where many folks face challenges of hardship. He not only has a pulse on the community but a heart for people. I value his input and his investment in the lives of people who have a heart to serve our community.”

Dr. Campbell added, “I have known Rick Hogaboam now for roughly five years on a professional, academic, and social level. Rick is a well-rounded man who consistently displays patience, wisdom, and altruism in his interactions with others. He is well-versed in public policy, the city of Nampa, and current events. Rick is the type of person who is always growing, embraces challenges, and, yet, builds authentic friendships where input is valued.”

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