Dr. Mark Gismondi Joins Hogaboam City Council Advisory Board, Assisting on International Relations and Counter-Terrorism

The Rick Hogaboam for Nampa City Council campaign has added a member to its advisory board. These members serve to provide input in disciplines of expertise that help broaden understanding of topics/issues that have relevance to the community.

Dr. Mark Gismondi is Senior Fellow in International Politics at Northwest Nazarene University. He’s also been interviewed by news outlets on terrorism, especially after 9/11, and has contributed to Security Studies. 

Rick Hogaboam, “Dr. Gismondi has been an invaluable resource. His doctoral work has benefited my understanding of a covenantal polity that can be appropriated at a local level. His counsel on counterterrorism is extremely helpful. The challenges that come with evolving technologies and those who wish us harm require prudential preparation.”

Dr. Gismondi:

I support Rick for a number of reasons. He has enriched the life of our community immensely and demonstrated wisdom, tenacity, and integrity in doing so. I believe those same characteristics will serve the city of Nampa quite well if he is elected to the city council. Rick and I do not always agree, but he is consistently willing and eager to engage in civil, rational discussions of ideas. In an era in which “echo chambers” have become the norm, his willingness to listen to the views of others is not just refreshing; it is absolutely necessary. Our community faces daunting challenges, challenges that require responsive, prudent governance. Not all problems can be solved by the government; however, Rick recognizes that government has a role to play in creating conditions conducive to economic growth and the development of a rich, vibrant civil society. Most importantly, I am certain that Rick knows what it means to be a “public servant.” I am honored to serve on his advisory board and to support his candidacy.

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