Hogaboam Receives Endorsement From Councilman Bruce Skaug

The Hogaboam Nampa City Council campaign has received the endorsement of Nampa City Councilman, Bruce Skaug. 

Hogaboam: “Councilman Bruce Skaug has done a great job. He’s been a huge asset for our city and has also reached out in numerous ways to help people in need. I remember this past winter how he was driving around the city helping people dealing with the snow. I got to accompany him to help shovel out snow. He literally posted his cell number and was responding to complete strangers to help. He’s also expanded his family through the adoption of two precious girls from China and has truly reflected in his actions the love required of us as Christians for our neighbors and those in need. I also had the pleasure of helping his campaign when he first ran 4 years ago, because I believed he would help steer the city in the right direction. We’ve served alongside each other on the church board and also on the board for Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center. In both stints, we saw — with the partnership of faithful supporters — both institutions make positive strides forward. I’m honored to have the support of someone who can credibly vouch for my character and competence for the office I seek.”

Skaug: “Rick Hogaboam has my endorsement for Nampa City Council, Seat 3.  All candidates say they will be fiscally conservative.  Few are actually conservative once elected.  I am confident Rick will be a prudent fiscal conservative on the city budget and a proponent of smaller government.  Please vote for Rick Hogaboam on November 7th.”

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