January 2018 Newsletter

Well, this is the first of what I hope to be a monthly occurrence: a “monthly” newsletter (more like a blogpost, but you get the idea). It’s basically a recap of happenings from the month. I like to write, so this will be a joyful task. I hope you enjoy it and find the time spent reading it worthwhile.

Swearing in. I was installed into office on January 2nd. The Idaho Press-Tribune covered the evening, including the following from their article:

Hogaboam said he is looking forward to the years ahead. He said he thinks Nampa is the best place to live.

“I believe Nampa has the best and the brightest,” Hogaboam said. “And I don’t say that in hyperbolic fashion. I truly believe it.”

My dad was able to attend, which was special. My wife and children were home due to sickness. (Boy, sickness has been affecting so many. Hopefully, you were spared from it all.) I used a Bible that my grandpa was gifted back in the day, so that was special. My friend and fellow pastor, Dan Mangeac, was kind enough to hold the Bible. He also prayed after the new members were sworn in.

Welcome to Mitch Minnette. Since Debbie Kling was elected as Mayor, the Nampa Chamber of Commerce needed to find a new CEO/President. I believe Mitch Minnette is an excellent hire for this position. I had the opportunity to visit with him, and I believe that he’ll do an excellent job. Nampa is home to some tremendous business owners, and we certainly want to see our business community, both small and large, prosper in our community. I hope that Mitch, his staff, and the Chamber continue to provide a boost to our business community.

North Nampa grocery shuttle. If you don’t know, now you know: there’s a new service available in our community! Check out this link for more information: link. Many thanks to the various parties who made this possible. This is also proof that where there’s a need and will, there’s a way. Voluntarism is strong in our community, and I hope this resource helps those who need help with transportation to get groceries. Since the Paul’s Market closed down in north Nampa, which many depended on, it’s been a challenge for some to access a market. This should help.

Language classes. Pastor and friend, Oscar Diaz, is offering language classes at his church, Karcher Church of the Nazarene. Check it out: link. He’s a great young man, a truly bright star in our community, and I’m so excited to see him do this to help lift those seeking to better assimilate in our community.

11th Avenue improvements! Yes, that bumpy ride into town will be no more! Look for improvement this spring. Plus, there will be some additional improvements for pedestrians and surrounding streets. More information here: link.

Opiate treatment center. This is a national epidemic, and we’re not immune to it here in our own community. This center will provide needed help for those dealing with opioids. More information here: link.

Important message from the Nampa Police Department. The Nampa PD posted this important message on their Facebook page:

** UPDATE *** 24 hour text service for help — text 741741

After some further research, we found the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline is NOT a 24 hour service. However, you can text the National Suicide Text Connect at 741741 anytime, any day from anywhere.

You’re not alone

Suicide Awareness



Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline,

text or call 208.398.HELP (4357) *update*this is not a 24 hour number

Nampa Christian High School visit. I visited Nampa Christian as a guest lecturer and enjoyed meeting with some of their tremendous faculty and members of their student body.

North Nampa food distribution. I’ve volunteered every month for last 4 months or so to help distribute food out of Good News Community Church. It’s been great connecting with some big-hearted people who want to assist others. Thanks to everyone helping with this. And our church has approved a donation to assist with the addition of necessary storage for food at the Good Mews location.

Thanks to Christian Faith Center for hosting Mayor Kling, Rep. Crane, and myself for a prayer night. We all shared a bit and led in prayer. We were then prayed over. I was blessed by the encouragement.

Good happenings with the Nampa Bike/Walk group. I attended their January meeting and am encouraged by the potential our pathways bring to the cycling community. It’s a transportation equity issue in addition to improving quality of life and providing a force of value to our community. I advocated for the Stoddard Pathway extension and am excited about the projects moving forward. For more information on the Nampa Bike/Walk group, check out their website here: link.

Nampa library. It was a joy attending the Nampa library board meeting and connecting with some familiar and new faces. Our family makes good use of the library. The dedicated board and staff is doing a tremendous job making our library the best it can be for the community. Please get on over and visit. Their collection is always being updated. They also have movies and ebooks available for checkout. And get over and visit the Friends of the Library bookstore to buy a book and support the library’s programs via the proceeds. You can also donate your books to the Friends of the Library.

Facebook page. If you’re on Facebook, you can visit/like/follow my city council page here: link. You’ll find more info about the happenings in our city.

In next month’s installment, I hope to feature a local business of the month, a local nonprofit of the month, and a citizen of the month. If you’re interested in discussing issues, contact me; I’ll be glad to meet and discuss any concerns or ideas you might have.

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