Rick Hogaboam for Nampa City Council Adds Steve Ackerman To Advisory Board

The Rick Hogaboam for Nampa City Council campaign has announced the addition of Steve Ackerman to its advisory board.

Steve Ackerman is a political and economic analyst with more than 18 years of college and university teaching experience including at Boise State University, College of Idaho, Northwood University, the University of California and California State campuses, and others. He’s currently the Assistant Professor of Economics at the College of Western Idaho. He is a managing director with the competitive intelligence firm Apprize360. He is the former president of Provizio, also a competitive intelligence firm. More than 90 percent of Provizio’s clients were Fortune 100- and Fortune 500-level companies. Provizio and Apprize360 have brought millions of dollars of revenue into Idaho.
Ackerman, a veteran of the Air Force, has also been an analyst with the President’s Commission on Military Base Closure and Realignment with the Institute for Defense Analyses and with the International Republican Institute. He was also the editor of two global stock market and business journals. Ackerman has been a guest on CNBC-Europe, along with other television and radio programs around the country, including locally. He has been published regularly in several newspapers around the country, as well as locally. 

Rick Hogaboam: “My engagement with the Acton Institute, a think-tank committed to synthesizing religious virtue, liberty, and economics, has stimulated my interest in economics. I’m also a baseball fan and have been fascinated with the use of metrics analysis, which was popularized in Moneyball. All of this has contributed to my work in quantitative and ROI (Return on Investment) analysis as a non-profit executive director. I see great benefit to using analytics when it comes to the services and fiscal matters of Nampa. Steve Ackerman is one of the local economists I greatly respect and who’ll be extremely helpful in thinking through ways Nampa can grow more prosperous, increasing quality of life and decreasing the per capita tax burden of both residents and businesses. I certainly appreciated his testimony at the Statehouse in favor of repealing the grocery tax. I’m committed to making sure we invest wisely as a city during our anticipated growth. Steve will be a huge help as I seek to be a faithful steward in this endeavor.”

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