Rick Hogaboam Lands Endorsement From the Man, the Myth, the Legend, the One and Only, Cosmo Zimik

Cosmo Zimik owns and operates Empty Hand Combat. Cosmo is known for reaching out to troubled youth in the community and providing an opportunity for them to learn discipline and honor and respect. His wife Sarah works for the Boise Rescue Mission. They are a bright light in the Nampa community. 

Hogaboam, “Cosmo has a remarkable story and is filled with a large vision to see Nampa transformed for the good. He uses his business as a platform to also connect with troubled youth in the community. Martial Arts is a remarkable tool for mentoring youth who lack a structure built on respect and honor. I hope he’s able to translate that vision into tangible impact. We’d both love to see something like the Dream Center (a ministry I’ve volunteered for in Los Angeles) come to Nampa. He has a huge heart for north Nampa. I’m thankful for his endorsement and hope to find ways to promote the good that the fine folks of our community are doing every single day to make a difference.”

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