Sowing and Reaping by Investing in Others 

I was choked up a bit praying after church this morning with a young man who reminds me of my younger self. This young man is about to leave for Reformation Bible College in Florida this week and wanted to worship with us before his departure. I felt like I was praying for my younger self. And when I was younger, I was blessed to have men of God pray over me who had also invested in my own growth. It’s the cycle of life, gospel-speaking — and I expect Michael to do the same when he’s older.

We evangelicals believe in gospel succession through discipleship. We’ve all been discipled by those who were also discipled — and it goes all the way back to Jesus. We pass down the deposit of the once-for-all given gospel by faithfully teaching others, who will in turn teach others. 

While knowing one is growing in Christ is the most satisfying part of investing in someone, another rewarding part of investing in someone’s educational growth is rejoicing in their success, like finding out that Michael will save thousands of dollars in a scholarship for an essay contest. I was thrilled when I was informed that Michael, a high school senior I met with this past year to help satisfy his Bible/theology requirements for home school, won a full ride scholarship to Reformation Bible College for his freshman year as a result of winning their essay contest. And like a good teacher, I was even constructively critical of his essay, pointing out ways for improvement, which he humbly embraced. I knew he would do well when he received feedback with humility. That’s a good sign of future success and something not easily taught. I rejoiced with him when receiving the following letter and was able to rejoice with him again this morning as I prayed over him as he journeys forward in seeking God’s will for his life. I reminded him in the prayer that humility will be the key to his real growth in the academic environment he’s now embarking on. May God bless this young man. 

Hey Rick!

I got some really good news today!

I got a call from Dr. Stephen Nichols (the president of RBC) today and he informed me that the committee over at RBC chose my essay as the winning essay for the essay contest that they were holding! So that means that I get a full scholarship for the 2017-2018 academic year! I won’t have any bills from RBC until the next academic year! Thank you for taking the time to review my essay and discuss some of the surrounding issues with me, I greatly enjoyed it!

~ Michael 

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