Why Roundabouts Are a Good Option Until Signals Are Absolutely Necessary

As Nampa continues to grow and experiences more use of existing intersections, we’ll look at various options for accommodating the increased traffic demand. One of the options often discussed is a roundabout. 

I know good folks can disagree and get passionate about roundabouts, but I try to be objective when it comes to them. Here’s why I generally support them: 1) Overall crash reduction is greatest among options; 2) Cost-effective; 3) Energy independent; 4) Essentially eliminates fatalities by reducing head-on and high-speed right angle collisions, which account for most fatalities.

Saving lives is a compelling reason in its own right, but the combination of reasons make roundabouts a great option. Fewer collisions also make for a safer community and hopefully lower insurance rates. Also, fewer collisions put less demand on our emergency responders. 

Some intersections will be so busy that signals will be required, but roundabouts are a great option beyond the two-way or four-way stops. 

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