Why We Need #PeopleFirst Politics 

The fact is that many in Nampa aren’t even registered to vote. And of those that are registered to vote, only around 25% show up to vote for a city council race. The overwhelming majority stay home because they don’t believe they matter. They frankly hate politics. If that’s you, you’re just the voter I want. 

Regardless of your political affiliation or non-affiliation, you’re a part of our community. You matter. We’re stronger when we’re collectively engaged and actively participating in the issues that impact us, our children, and our grandchildren. You matter. We won’t also agree, especially considering there’s thousands of us, but we will agree on many issues — and it’s important we participate on those issues. 

I’m running because people come first, over politics. Politics exist only to serve the people. People aren’t pawns for the sake of politics. We’ve been let down by politicians and their personal agendas, their quest for power, and their preoccupation with prestige. We need servants. My name is Rick Hogaboam. I’ve been serving our community in various ways. I don’t just want your vote; I want your active participation, your input, and your ideas. 

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