Rep. Robert Anderst Endorses Rick Hogaboam for Nampa City Council

Idaho Representative Robert Anderst has endorsed Rick Hogaboam for Nampa City Council. Rep. Anderst represents much of Nampa as the D12 Representative in the Idaho House. 

Elect Rick Hogaboam for Nampa City Council

I write this letter of support for Rick because I believe he will be a strong addition to the Nampa Council. I have known Rick for almost 6 years now. Over that time we have had many conversations on lots of issues and he has proven to be thoughtful and curious, two qualities that make a great civic leader. He will work hard to understand the issues and find the best path forward for our community. His strong faith is apparent in all that he does, and he has been a great resource for me in times when the right answer wasn’t always so obvious. I respect his willingness to serve our community and would ask you to consider Rick when you cast your vote November 7th for Nampa City Council.


Rep. Robert Anderst

Hogaboam, “Rep. Anderst and I have some shared goals in seeing Nampa flourish. Whenever I’ve expressed concern over legislation as a constituent, he’s always respectfully considered such input. I’m thankful for his endorsement and support.” 

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