Sen. Russ Fulcher Supports Rick Hogaboam for Nampa City Council

Rick Hogaboam has received the support of Sen. Russ Fulcher (currently running for ID -1 U.S. Congress) for his Nampa City Council bid. 

Hogaboam, “Sen. Fulcher has been a stalwart for the values that we in the Treasure Valley more broadly, and in Nampa more specifically, cherish. He’s been a supporter of liberty and virtue in our shared civic life. I appreciate his support. If elected to Congress, he’ll be accessible to the concerns of the entire district, which includes Nampa, and I look forward to communicating with our elected representatives, whomever they might be, about the needs of our city, especially how federal, administrative mandates impact our local life and budget. I’m thankful for Sen. Fulcher’s support and his collaborative attitude to address some of these same concerns.”

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