Trade With South Korea Is Good For Idaho’s Economy 

Trade with S. Korea has benefited Idaho. Our export economy is in the billions, and S. Korea is a top 5 destination. The parameters of our trade deals create predictability for investment, production, and job creation. I support trade with S. Korea and Idaho’s economic growth. 

While constructive engagement is always needed to refine trade deals, and there are certainly elements within the S. Korean deal that merit evaluation and analysis, the general parameters have served us well. This was a deal supported by our two past presidents and with bipartisan support in Congress. I appreciate President Trump’s commitment to see our economy flourish; I would just ask that he also consider how a state like Idaho is actually winning as we move forward in a 21st century economy of international trade. 

I will advocate on behalf of our jobs, jobs that are dependent in part on our existing trade deal with S. Korea and other countries. Idaho is producing and will continue to produce goods the world wants to buy. This is a good thing.  

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